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Premium Upgraded Caps & Thermal 1.0 Motherboard w/ Paired HDD for XBOX Original

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Version 1.0 Motherboard with Paired Hard Drive for XBOX Original

Our motherboards are rigorously tested and held to the highest standards. This is why we are excited to offer our new premium line motherboards. You can expect the same grade A quality that we currently offer but with a few upgrades which will help extend service life for another 20 years.

  • Removal of original GPU & CPU thermal grease and install fresh ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound installed.
  • Remove & clean heat sinks to allow flush contact with chipsets to ensure heat distribution performance.
  • Removal & Replacement of factory power supply capacitors (3)
  • Removal & Replacement of factory clock capacitor


Version 1.0 Motherboard & Factory Paired Hard Drive

Data Ribbon (Motherboard to DVD/HDD)

HDD Power Cable

Motherboard Screw Set

Our Boards are Tested and Cleaned.  Free of Corrosion and Defects, Guaranteed

Each Motherboard Version Requires a Specific Power Supply Unit. 

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