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Version 1.4-1.5 Focus Motherboard w/ Paired HDD for XBOX Original

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Version 1.4-1.5 Focus Motherboard with Paired Hard Drive for XBOX Original

Focus video encoder chipset

99.9% chance to receive version 1.4 as the 1.5 is the unicorn of XBOX motherboards. 

The factory paired hard disk drive will be random between Seagate or Western Digital. If you have a preference please contact us


Version 1.4-1.5 Motherboard & Factory Paired Hard Drive 

Data Ribbon (Motherboard to DVD/HDD)

HDD Power Cable

Motherboard Screw Set

Clock Capacitor Upgrade:  Every Xbox has a clock capacitor which is soldered to the motherboard. The clock cap acts like a battery, saving the date and time while the console's powered off. Versions 1.0 through 1.5 were notorious for leaking clock caps which could cause corrosion resulting in irreparable damage to the motherboard. If you have to set the date & time every time the console is powered on, your clock cap is damaged.

Original Capacitor Option: Fully working, clean, non-leaking original clock cap boards which have passed our vigorous testing procedures. We guarantee no leaks for 1 year. 

New Capacitor Option: We remove and replace the original clock capacitor using premium grade materials. 

Our Boards are Tested and Cleaned.  Free of Corrosion and Defects, Guaranteed

Each Motherboard Version Requires a Specific Power Supply Unit. 

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