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LG Hitachi GDR-8050L DVD Rom for XBOX Original

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HITACHI LG GDR-8050L DVD Rom for XBOX Original

The Hitachi LG GDR-8050L was one of the last DVD Roms used for the final production release of the XBOX Original console. The drive is well built as you would expect from a major name brand such as LG/Hitachi. For the cost and proven track record of laser stability, this is pound for pound our favorite DVD Rom.

A replacement DVD Rom is ideal when you're experiencing disc reading issues, slow loading times, ERROR 12 RLOD & tray ejecting issues.



DVD tray gear belts replaced to ensure smooth tray operation

Compatible replacement for all XBOX Original drives such as,

  • Thomson TMG-600
  • Philips VAD6035/21
  • Hitachi LG GDR-8050L
  • Samsung SDG-605