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PSP 1000 BLACK Mint Condition Red UMD Ring Complete w/ Accessories!

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Sony PSP 1000 Console Black w/ Red UMD Ring & Accessories

Introducing the PSP 1000 console, a timeless classic redefined with a touch of sophistication in mint condition. This sleek handheld gaming device comes adorned with a striking red UMD ring, adding a dash of flair to its already iconic design

Alongside the PSP 1000, you'll find essential accessories included, ensuring you're always ready to play. 

What's more, safeguard your console with the provided foam case, offering protection against bumps and scratches while maintaining its pristine condition. And for added convenience and style, a luxurious leather wrist strap is included, allowing you to carry your PSP 1000 with confidence and panache.

Experience gaming freedom like never before with the PSP 1000 console. From its eye-catching red UMD ring to its comprehensive accessory package, this is more than just a gaming device—it's a statement of style and a gateway to endless adventures.

  • 3.6v 3600mAh Battery Pack: Extend your playtime with this high-capacity battery pack, ensuring hours of uninterrupted gaming.
  • Foam Travel Pouch: Safeguard your PSP 2000 Slim during travel with this protective foam pouch.
  • Leather Wrist Strap: Carry your console in style with the included leather wrist strap.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Keep your PSP 2000 Slim looking pristine with this soft and gentle cleaning cloth.

Rest assured, your console is in top-notch condition:

  • Condition: Mint 6.61 PRO-C Installed
  • Custom Zelda Theme Installed
  • Fully Working, Tested and Guaranteed
  • LCD & Front Shell Scratch Free
  • Buttons & Joystick Firm and Responsive
  • UMD Laser Reads Perfectly
  • Professionally Cleaned and Reconditioned