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Pandora Battery & Magic Stick Unbricker Tool for Sony PSP

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Pandora Battery & Magic Stick Memory Card


What is a Pandora battery and what does it do?

With the addition of the included Magic Stick Memory Card you will be able to UNBRICK and Repair your PSP 1000-2000 Consoles with ease. The process takes only 5 minutes and is simple to execute with our easy to follow detailed instructions.

Other features include

Upgrade to 6.60 or 6.61 Official Firmware

Jailbreak and Install 6.61 PRO-C CFW (Custom Firmware)

CIPL Flasher (Perma Mod Your PSP)

Key Tester (Developer Software to Ensure Full Function of Every Key and Sound)

Pre-Installed PSP Mini Games

Free Tech Support by a Resurgence Games  Technician


Items Included:

Pandora Battery - Genuine Original Sony PSP PSP-110 Battery (casing has been open to complete Pandora procedure)

64 GB SD Memory + SD Adapter

Easy to follow instructions